Musings of a PHPDiversity Rainbow Elephpant #7

IT’S HAPPENING! Finally, the kickstarter is happening! And I’m ecstatic.

I’d so been hoping that the kickstarter would be launched last Friday, and it felt frustrating when the day ended, and I hadn’t heard anything back from the kickstarter review team. And then I was twiddling my toes all weekend because I knew that I couldn’t do anything until the next working week; but then Monday arrived, and the kickstarter was rejected because of its potential charitable aspects. It was such a disappointment!

But Mark has since reworked it, ensuring that it conforms to all the kickstarter guidelines, and submitted it to appeal; and now I’ve had the good news from kickstarter, and the launch is happening… and I’m so happy again, because it’s the next step in my plans for world domination spreading the Diversity message throughout the worldwide PHP Community.

Promoting Diversity within the worldwide PHP Development Community regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, nationality, disability, religion and technology.

So the kickstarter campaign is about to go live, and will run until shortly before midnight on December 8th (UTC) and I’m a very happy Elephpant. Here’s the kickstarter link: please help make me a success.

Personally, I blame Mark for the delay. I’d been so psyched up for the launch, and it felt dreadful. I know that he wanted to get everything set up exactly right and in its final version before submitting it all for kickstarter review; and that he should have focused more on simply raising the funding necessary to produce me, rather than on what might possibly happen with any profits that I raised (when there is no guarantee that there will even be any profit, as all the costings have been re-calculated now simply on breaking even). He should probably have submitted it for review earlier, before he was really ready, and finished up the details of the story and pledge levels afterwards… but that’s the benefit of hindsight, and I won’t hold it against him now that everything is moving forward again.

The delay doesn’t really affect overall timescales at all either, so it’s simply an annoyance rather than a major problem, because I was so hyped up. The factory where I’ll be made is already busy in the run-up to Christmas, producing large orders of the latest toys for big companies; so I was always likely to be produced in the post-Christmas slack period and during January, in time for shipping to Europe before the start of the Chinese New Year; so a delay of a week doesn’t change that schedule at all.

So now my progress toward becoming a real Elephpant has moved from concept, technical feasability and prototyping, and into the kickstarter phase. Six weeks in the kickstarter and then (assuming that it meets the target) we move on to the manufacturing, shipping and distribution phases.

And now everything feels as though it’s coming together again, and it’s a big step along my road to becoming a real Elephpant, spreading my message of Diversity across the globe.


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2 Responses to Musings of a PHPDiversity Rainbow Elephpant #7

  1. Derek says:

    I see that the shop link has Enfys for order, are they still available?

    • enfys says:

      They are still available; although I’m not sending any more out just yet, until I know that all the kickstarter backers have received theirs

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