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Get your own Enfys PHPDiversity Rainbow Elephpant.

If you missed the kickstarter, you can still pre-order your own Enfys. We’ve ordered a few extra that will be available while stocks last. Note that we won’t receive these elephpants from the factory before July, so we’ll expect to fulfil orders then.

All profits from these sales will be used to fund scholarships at PHP Conferences.

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The Collector Get your very own small Rainbow Elephpant and support PHPDiversity! 1 Small Elephpant £ 24
The Perfect Pair For anybody that wants a Rainbow Elephpant for home and another for work, this is the package for you. 2 Small Elephpants £ 46
A Small Herd The perfect Rainbow Elephpant for those with a young family. 3 Small Elephpants £ 68
For the Hoarder For some people 1, 2 or even 3 Rainbow Elephpants just won’t be enough. Kids (or pets) will want one, you’ll need one at work, etc. 5 Small Elephpants £ 110
The Big One Large Elephpants are rare, but here’s your opportunity to supersize your Rainbow Elephant. 1 Large Elephpant £ 110
Little and Large Get one small, and one large Rainbow Elephpant. 1 Large and 1 Small Elephpant £ 132
User Group PHPDiversity is all about diverse communities. If you love your community and want to gift them all with Rainbow Elephpants, then this is the package for you. 10 Small Elephpants £ 220
The All-in Megadeal When you need an extra large Rainbow Elephpant for a user group or company, but everyone is still clamouring for their own small Elephpant, then look no further. 1 Large and 10 Small Elephpants £ 325